Industrial Automation

Suntech provides the decisive parts required to optimize your companywide processes. Suntech automation offers a singular vary of product and systems that deliver end-to-end solutions, and comprise the core technology capabilities for the producing and process trade.

We undertake Industrial Automation comes finish to finish service within the field of commercial Automation. as well as engineering, procural, installation on keeper basis management systems as well as PLC, SCADA, DCS with authorisation help provide of automation product like PLC, HMI, VFD, AC Motors, Soft Starters etc Services for careful engineering, retrofitting/revamping and AMS.

We design and develop customized control panels and automation systems incorporating range of PLCs, Drives, SCADA and other popular band of switchgear and control gear equipments. We offer the following range of services in Industrial Automation:

  • Study the process and customer requirement
  • Selection of PLC
  • AC/DC Drives and other components
  • Development of PLC software
  • Design the Control Panel
  • Integration of the system
  • Installation at customer premises
  • Training to customer Engineers/Technicians.

We also Offer

Electrical workplace instrumentality and Electrical Equipments from Electrical physics workplace India employed in the industry, nuclear trade, physics, offshore, banks, industrial hangars, tests laboratories, electricity dams valves and military trade The serious doors have safety environmental functions, for example: Steel industries and foundries: thermal Protections. electricity dams: pondage and flow management. Nuclear industry: Protection against radiation. Industrial hangars: Protection against shenanigan. Banks: Protection against impediment standard And Upgradeable Product. modification of effectuation. Modification of the kinematic linkage. modification of the elements. (couplings, bearings, gearwheels, guides and rails, etc.) completely different Energies ; electrical, Hydraulics, pneumatic.

Vital Incremented Variation Of The Load. The mass of the door, or load, varied from a hundred and fifty to 630 weight unit, by increments of twenty weight unit in keeping with the chosen choices, the PORTEL permits to develop the subsequent objectives :Change of the coupling by a force electric circuit. modification of the guide system (friction ; sliding). modification of the bearing. modification of the gearwheel. modification of the rack. Lubrication. debilitating and filling of the gearing with oil. Showing the disturbances ensuing from a foul mechanical adjusting . Butting. Stick-slip motion. Vibration. Temperature increase. Friction, sliding. Technological enhancements. Comparison victimisation electrical and Hydraulic energies. modification of the gear motor and therefore the guide rail. Improvement of the electrical cupboard. Adjusting of the force electric circuit. ON/OFF hydraulic technology.

Proportional hydraulic technology the electrical energy. The Hydraulic energy. These reasonably instrumentality area unit typically composed of : A effectuation. A transmission kinematic linkage. Safety devices. The coaching instrumentality PORTEL has been designed for lecturers in maintenance, electrotechnology and safety fields and has the subsequent characteristics. strength and industrial power. Modularity of the system. Flexibility for associate economical adaptation to the requirements of coaching. Competitive worth Weight of the door (when empty) : seventy daN. Weight of the removable plenty : twenty four plenty of twenty daN. mini weight in movement: seventy daN, maxi weight in movement: 550 daN. Power of the gear motor: two,2Kw.



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