Inventions Done At Suntech ,Kankarbagh,Patna,Bihar

RBP Anti-Pollution Device
It is also named as ” Pollution Killer “ and “Global Warming Reducer” Inventors – (1) Ravi Kumar (2) Shashi Kumar (3) Vivek Kumar

RBP Anti Pollution Device/Pollution Killer/Global Warming Reduce

Invention -RBP Anti -Pollution Device
Inventor –Mr Ravi Kumar,Mr Shashi Kumar,Mr Vivek Kumar

It is developed under company Suntech, Kankarbagh ,RMS colony, Road no-2, Patna-800020, Bihar. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Famous for it services, FMCG and Research & Development.

RBP anti-pollution device is named in the honour of late ram bachan prasad, inventor’s father. He was the founder of Suntech.

  • MR Ravi kumar - CEO & Research Scientist, Suntech
  • MR Shashi Kumar- Director , Suntech
  • MR Vivek Kumar- Engineer , Suntech

Function : Co,Co2 Hc & other gases eliminator and o2 increase to the environment.

Exhaust gases from vehicles are passed into device and chemical reactions reduces the large quantity of harmful gases spreading into environment.

Thus it reduces the air pollution to great extent and decreases the global warming effect in the world.

Train Air Cooling System Is a Simple Device Which Is Especially Built For Cooling Non Ac Train Compartments .This Machine Is Portable With No Exhaust Fan And Can Be Carried Away .It Has Own Power System Based On Battery Which Drives Water Pump Inside .It Can Also Be Driven By Ac Electricity Of Train .Water Falls On Cooling Pad “Khas” .When Train Moves Faster Air Rushes Inside Machine And Crosses The Cooling Pad And Thereby Cooling The Air Gets Out Inside The Train Compartment.

Today Hugh Population Of India And Other Countries Travel By General Trains And Buses .Those Who Have To Travel In Non Ac Compartments Feel Hot Temperature In Hot Weather Conditions.Its Make Up Is Cheap And Any Body Can Afford.The Present Invention Brings Cooling Of Air Getting Inside The Vehicle/Train More Better Than Any Present Device Of Portable Air Cooling Techniques . In This Cooling System ,Temperature Is Lowered More By Cooling Khas .It Can Work With Ac And Dc Mode Both.It Can Work Directly With Solar Plates Also.Since It Uses Outside Air With Train Moving At High Speed,There Is No Exhaust Air Motor.Faster The Train Speed ,Greater Is The Rush Of Air Inside The Train Compartment.

It Provides You Air Cooling While Travelling By Train At Affordable Price And Makes Your Travel Pleasurable.

Inventor – Ravi Kumar.


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